WcikerFamily Burn

2018 was a crazy year. We did our 10th annual burn at Four Quarters, had record number of theme camps and a record amount of fun.

2019… will not be a 4QF but it will be somewhere. The team that has brought you 10 crazy awesome years of WickerMan will be planning, organizing and with your help engaging in one of the top regionals in the country.. just somewhere’s else.

We will be having an open Q & A session in the coming weeks.

We are looking for help, advice etc… please contact us any time. Admin@WickerFam.org or our regular e-mail addresses etc.

This website sucks, I acknowledge that. It’ll get better in the next couple days.

Got photos? Send them over please!!! Admin@WickerFam.org or share them on flicker or google photos or wherever.. Cptn.Rose@gmail.com also works.

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